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Aug 4th, 2016 Comments: 0

You’ll Never Believe How This Woman Was Injured

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While Brazilian waxes are often painful, one Australian woman’s trip to the salon nearly turned deadly. The 20-year-old woman written about in the Oxford Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases decided to get her pubic hair waxed off for reasons undocumented in the article – perhaps, like many women, she wanted to feel clean and sexy or she may have done it at a boyfriend’s request – but when it was all said and done she was feeling lucky to be alive!

Pubic Hair Removal Gone Wrong

Her waxing hadn’t been a terribly pleasant experience. It was done by a trainee esthetician, who had done such a poor job that her client was bleeding and in a lot of pain when she was done. Two weeks after her Brazilian wax, the woman came to the emergency room in Melbourne, Australia in even worse shape. Besides looking “very unwell” with a red rash on her neck & chest, she had a high fever, low blood pressure, and an elevated heart rate. While that is bad enough to begin with, downstairs things were even worse. She had excruciating pain around her vulva, including severe pain while peeing. When the doctors took a look they found that her genitals were extremely swollen, with cellulitis all over the area where she had been waxed. And to add insult to injury, she was having a discharge of pus from her vagina along with fluid seeping from her inflamed vulva. Yuck!

After running a whole battery of tests the doctors found that she had acquired a strep bacterial infection from the waxing, which was made worse by an existing herpes infection. Upon finding the strep and suspecting a possible staph infection, she was given several different antibiotics and other drugs to combat the infection and bring down her fever. Even then, it took 5 days before her fever came down, and 10 days before they released her from the hospital. This poor girl was out of work for three whole weeks due to her infection!

Is Shaving Safer?

Her case was certainly not typical (she was diabetic and didn’t take care of her blood sugar properly, which made her more susceptible to infection), it is illustrative of the dangers of improper pubic hair removal. You might think shaving your pubic area would be less dangerous, but six months later the same woman wound up in the hospital again with a flareup of herpes and cellulitis after shaving herself. And she didn’t plan to quit removing her pubic hair even after her 2nd trip to the hospital with a pube-related injury! I’m not sure if that is dedication or madness. Whatever her case, be careful if you decide to embark on your own pubic depilatory adventure and stay out of the hospital!

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